Sorenson Golf


There’s a reason why a putter design lasts for more than 450 years...because it works!

The Putterwoods capture the design, shape and extreme heel shafting of the successful putters from years earlier, but include the use of the latest 21st Century materials to create a hollow club head with ideal weighting to dramatically improve consistency, feel and performance!


"I think the PUTTERWOOD PUTTERS are the hottest and most creative new club to hit the golfing world in years! I tried them at Golf Fest held in The Villages, FL March 8th & 9th 2013 and found that I didn't have to "hit" my putts any longer. It didn't matter which of the four (4) heel shafted models I used - the putts would "roll-out" into the hole-even if I didn't hit the "sweet spot". The PUTTERWOOD PUTTERS are the brainchild of Jim Sorenson of My personal recommendation is for you to cling to 450 years of golfing tradition and start shaving strokes from your score. Go to the website to see which of the four (4) models suit your eye and choose from the BLADE, the HYBRID-BLADE, the HYBRID or the 3-WOOD."
Monday, March 11, 2013
Joe Savilia